Everyone has something that triggers their “take action” button. For me it is when someone tells me I can’t. Who are they to tell me I can’t anything!

When I was in school I was counselled to NOT write the algebra scholarship exam since no one did well on it, even though it was my best subject. So I wrote it and did well.

I was also told I was too short to play basketball at 5’2”(ok 5’1 1/2”). So I tried out and became the best guard I knew how and played high school basketball. We were never the best team but we had a blast always and even won some games.

Then I moved to university, I needed to decide my career path and had narrowed it to either becoming a math professor at the college or university level or an engineer. The voices around me said engineering was tough, that women didn’t do that. So I became an engineer.


Then I had a “great” secure job in government working as an engineer, but I was bored and didn’t want to get stagnant. Despite the “counselling” of co-workers saying I was crazy I gave up the job and moved into a less secure position in industry where my autonomy went way up as did my learning curve.

A few years ago I got restless again. I gave up my engineering job to start this wellness business. I still hear the echo’s of friends, family and acquaintances saying YOU CAN’T here. And I am working very hard to prove I CAN.

Giving only life’s highlights you might think it has been a breeze. Nope. I worked hard but also, doubted and was ready to give up at times. I cried I wallowed I curled into a ball and said why???: Like when I failed “drafting” and barely squeaked by in first year university for engineering or gained 20lbs in my late twenties and couldn’t figure out why.


When I fell into depression in my 30’s in a relationship that was going nowhere, a job I couldn’t relate to having a delayed reaction to my rebellious over drinking youth. And especially now as I draw from my retirement savings to make my wellness business all it can be. But, I have been blessed with a great support network and this little voice inside that says I can. This voice has incredible power and I want you to harness it.

I love to teach and move. I tutored from grade school to university and was a member of outdoor clubs and sports teams and took advantage of the great outdoors in the beautiful country I was born in. I was also gifted to grow up in a home where REAL food was always on the table (thanks mom!) and I learned about nutrition basics. What I discovered was that I could combine these skills and change lives AND take on the biggest challenge yet of building my own business. COOL!


So I am taking all my strengths and giving them to you. I am saying YOU CAN. YOU CAN! Don’t let any one person limit you on what you can accomplish because the world is yours to take on. You can move better than you do now, you can lose the love handles, you can lower your blood pressure you can become a living example of health and wellness for your peers and, your family and most of all for yourself. I am here to lend my support and little voice with big power

“It isn’t age that is changing you; it is your unwillingness to change that is ageing you.”

So what was your take action button that drew you to Zeal & Zen?

  • A photo from 10 years ago that makes you feel like you have aged 20;
  • Seeing a “old” friend that hasn’t aged;
  • Your Doctor saying “or else”;
  • Counting 50 candles on your birthday cake;
  • Watching your kids grow up and realizing you want to be there for their kids too;
  • Looking to retirement and realizing that some of the things you hoped to do aren’t currently possible;
  • Illness or injury;
  • Deciding to take on a new physical challenge; or
  • An emergency health wake up call???

With lifestyle changes you CAN move better, feel/look younger, and live healthier whatever your starting point is, or trigger was. It is never too late, you are never too old. Let Zeal & Zen take the mystery and confusion out of living optimally. I am here to help.

“What’s meant to be will always find a way” ― Trisha Yearwood