Get a pen and paper, don’t think but just write the first five things that come to mind that describe the world as you see it. Now read a bit before you discover what it might mean.

Svadhyaya, or self study, is the forth of yogas niyamas, the tenants of how we relate to ourselves. The question is, as well as you think you know yourself, do you really?

Do you know not only strengths but weakness, but patterns of communication, action and beliefs that you conduct your life completely? I don’t but, each day I learn a little more and each day I am shocked at how “unaware” I was previously.

Before we go too far, and if you are asking this it is a great thing to ask, why might this be important? Have you ever done something and after the fact regretted it and just said, well I just wasn’t thinking? In a way this is totally true, you were like an actor on a stage with a set part and you were playing it.

With Svadhyaya you can become the director of the play you are in AND pick the role you want to play. Think about that a moment…it is rather appealing.

A quote from, “The Yamas & Niyamas”, “This process of knowing ourselves…creates a path to freedom. ”.

Here is a personal example: I noticed when I “dreaded” something I spent a lot of time worrying about it and creating scenarios in my head that were nasty. Actually, the longer I had to wait for what was coming the worse it got. When I realized this, I started to shut down the scenarios and beliefs around the event in my head. Trust me it wasn’t easy (and still isn’t but getting better).

The irony was that when I was able to step outside my thoughts/beliefs around the event it actually never was as “bad” as I had formerly thought, plus I had the added bonus of not wasting energy and losing my ability to be present for other things due to the worrying. Now I can welcome those things that previously caused me heartache since I have discovered it always teaches me something and I discover how I truly can change the role I play and learn from the experience. This supports even more change/growth and, joy.

Back to the five items you wrote when you started to read. Take a look at the list and ponder this truth: Each word or comment says more about you than the world you perceive. Each is a clue on how you structure your beliefs, life and self. Whoa!

If you are wondering all about this yamas and niyamas stuff and haven’t read my pervious posts on the topic here are links to them all. Note that there is one more niyamas to go, ishvara pranidhana (can’t pronounce this either) and then we will have completed them all. The yamas and niyamas provide a solid and strong framework for a life well lived, I seriously don’t know what I would do without them.

The Yama Posts

Ahimsa, Non-Violence

Satya, Truth

Asteya, Non-Stealing

Brahmacharya, Non excess

Aparigraha, Letting go

The Niyama Posts

Saucha, Cleanliness

Santosha, Contentment

Tapas, Self Discipline

Svadhyaya…heh you are reading it!

Have a great week all, I would love to hear what you think, especially the words you chose for the world(BTW mine were all nature related, mountains, lakes, trees etc). And again, this post is big time about the awareness Philosophy of Wellness!