Going to a gym to “workout” is great for some, but not all. If you are self motivating, and creative there are tonnes of ways to get some exercise with minimal equipment. Here is a list of some of my favorite tools to workout almost anywhere (not in any order).


  1. TV, DVD player and/or computer: There are so many instructors out there that have a great following from their electronic classes. You can get DVDs, an exercise channel or even find things on Utube.


I remember years ago discovering “Body Rock”. A rather curvaceous blonde (dang can’t remember her name) did mostly body weight workouts. After getting past the obvious sexual play on things I was rather impressed at the content and did lots of her stuff. She was a one person show and there was no charge but an option to “buy her a coffee” if you liked the content. She took off and now there are many Body Rock instructors, I don’t think she is still there, I kinda think she sold her brand and walked away significantly richer.


There are lots of other options out there, you just need to look. Thrift stores have handfuls of discarded workout DVDs.


  1. Sandbag: The sandbag I use is from Ultimate. They also post workouts and information on a regular basis on how to use. I love this for resistance training since it offers something you can increase the load (ie add more sand) as you progress. It is also fun, seriously! If you are looking at costs you can even make one if you like from an old bit of luggage.


  1. The Great outdoors: With a creative mind you can do a million things outside, in all seasons. I see some stairs, a hill, a playground and I get excited. If you are in Kimberley I’ll bet you have climbed the ski hill or want to, right? Chores like snow shovelling or mowing the lawn become more interesting when you add time restraints or other physical challenges.


  1. A mat: I would be lost without my yoga mat. I of course use it for yoga but other types of fitness too. This is one I wouldn’t cheap out on though if you want it to last and not smell like plastic.


  1. Suspension trainer: Most people know this as a TRX, that is the brand name for one type of suspension trainer. The cool thing about these is that they are very small and portable so they can go where you do and even in a hotel room you can get a great resistance training session in.


  1. Timer: Intervals are a great training tool that offers spectacular results in small amounts of time. Doing intervals without a timer is a pain. Gymboss is the one I use. You might be interested to note that I started using this when I watched BodyRock, she recommended it. The timer does more than just intervals, it can be a stop watch too.


  1. Door mount pull up bar: A must to exercise that usually gets missed is pull ups. You can get simple door mount pull up bars that can be put away easily to make sure this critical movement is trained. You should be able to find one for less than $50. If you don’t like this go to the playground there are lots of options to train this movement there. Trust me, it won’t damage your door or door frame, they work really well.



There are lots of other things I could mention…as the picture suggests maybe a stability ball, an old school step (so many uses other than step aerobics) but these are the key ones. Also I have specifically left out sport specific things like my bike…I kinda think stuff like that is a given no?


Soo what have I left out that you would add? Love to hear your ideas.


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