For those that want a short cut to the down load without reading my intro here it is, the difference between yoga and yoga therapy.



If this message is reaching you odds are we have met in person at some point in my life. The family, peer or friend connections, fitness/activity connections, of course business connections, students and clients.



Sometimes I rely on this too much to communicate what I do. I like to connect in person but it isn’t always possible.



Business wise those in the know say you should always have available your “elevator chat” that can, in less than 30 seconds, summarize who you are and what you do. I struggle with this since there is so many aspects to what I do, but to be honest my “philosophies of wellness” chat on my web home page really does cover all I help you accomplish (this is 4.5 minutes longer than 30 seconds though!). The magic is how I go about guiding my students and clients to achieve these goals. To save you time here are my four philosophies of wellness, things to do that will help you achieve more ease, joy and vitality in life:


  1. Live with awareness;
  2. Eat real food often;
  3. Move;
  4. Manage your stress.


One of my areas of expertise is yoga therapy which actually can hit all four of these action items if you take in yoga’s’ sister science of Ayurveda. -btw this article only speaks to some of the nutritional aspects of Ayurveda, there is lots more to this practice and also note that some details might be debatable between practitioners.



Last year the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) finally completed standardizing education for yoga therapists. I was one of the first wave of Therapists certified given that my education was taken with an awareness of what was coming. Prior to this anyone could call themselves a yoga therapist and as you will see with my handout, even if you are a yoga instructor and certified with Yoga Alliance it doesn’t mean you are a yoga therapist. There is a difference.



My yoga therapy training wasn’t a whim, a weekend or a breeze. There is meat to this program as well as the sweating out of some of your “stuff”. By “stuff” I mean working on those personal road blocks and challenges you face as an individual in both how you relate to yourself and others. Everyone I trained with went through some type of transformation, and the transition was usually a fiery one.



To help you understand what I do I am offering up this PDF that was issued by IAYT to help describe the difference between yoga and yoga therapy. This is an easy to read/digest document that might help you determine if yoga therapy is for you and might be the missing link you have sought for your sticky spots.



Remember yoga, especially in a group class, might have some therapeutic benefits but, it is usually not yoga therapy. If you have keyed into yoga for your well being a yoga therapy session might be just up your alley. If you have attended group yoga on a regular basis and are curious on the “next step” or what else is out there yoga therapy could be for you. If there is something you want to shift, like pain, range of motion, stress, awareness, anxiety, depression, increasing strength, recovering from injury or illness, or simply just maximizing YOU yoga therapy might be for you.



Oh, and by the way if you take the time to go to the find a therapist search engine and don’t find me you have to look in Calgary. For some reason I am not yet listed in Kimberley, working on getting that sorted…



Happy day all!