Getting Started:

Below is a suggestion on the best way to get going. As your goals evolve you may choose to get  more focused but know that each modality usually has a link with more than one of the big four items to helping you find your Zeal & Zen.)

  1. Nutrition

Nutrition is 80% of the battle, and is usually the best place to start. Remember carrying extra body fat is not the only indicator that nutrition might be amiss. Think of your general health, especially digestion issues, sleeping, your energy levels and the lab results from your regular Doctor appointments.

Check out my nutritional programs. Oh, and not surprisingly my Real Food nutrition program has a whole module on exercise, and on stress. Whoa, really this incorporates all of the big four items for energy, health, and feeling and looking great!

  1. Yoga/Fascial stretch therapy (Stress, Awareness and Movement 3 of the big four!)

Next manage stress, but wait one of the best stress management tools is exercise! Heh a 2 for 1! Sign up for my newsletter to learn where and when my Kimberley group classes are. You also have the option of my 30 day Restore, repair reset online yoga program so you can conveniently start from the comfort of your home and the ease of a variable schedule. 


For maximum/quick progress, my private sessions that blend therapeutic yoga and fascial stretch therapy can really get you on track. Contact me directly to schedule private yoga and fascial stretch sessions.

Lastly stay tuned with either Facebook or my newsletter to learn about upcoming workshops and locations for workshops.

  1. Personal Training (Movement, awareness, stress )

Once your movement is optimized you can then add load and complexity. This is where you really discover what is possible with your body and start defying your previous boundaries. You can now claim what you are leaving on the table-my lingo for saying even with your age or illness or injury concerns you aren’t as limited as you think.


When you are eating well, you are giving your body the fuel it needs to operate most efficiently and you will avoid any nutritional stress. Therapeutic Yoga and Fascial Stretch Therapy will work to maximize the potential you have in your body even with limitations of past injury or illness or perceived age boundaries.

Personal training is the last step to embracing all that is possible, whether it be a backpack trip, your first triathlon or even meeting the demands of the day with energy and excitement. Run, jump, walk and play faster, longer, easier or in some cases just discover more movement and more easeful movement. Here we can get specific with your goals and work towards them. What goals do you have that you once thought were just dreams? You have the RIGHT to dream and realize those dreams, step up and take what is yours to take.

Personal Training is for Kimberley clients only at this point.

“Limits, like fear, are often an illusion.” – Michael Jordan