Do you have something from your childhood that you have a soft spot for? I know I have a bunch of things but not ones that I can just list usually, they just seem to pop up and show themselves in odd ways. I get reminded by seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting even aromas, yup all five senses. When I get reminded the reaction is all in my heart and gut. An emotion takes over that has a physical sensation in those places.

As you likely know this did happen recently, while looking in a second hand book store. I saw a book from my childhood, titled, you guessed “Happiness is a Sad Song”. Oh man even writing it has me feeling things!

It is this sweet Charlie Brown themed book with cartoons and one sentence reminders of what happiness is. The cool thing is it is REALLY the things that make you happy. You know, the little day to day stuff that sometimes just smacks you in the face with simple joys.

The list of happiness moments varies, some are even a tad off the mark given the 1967 original printing…I mean “Happiness is wearing the band from your dad’s cigar.”, well I get the intention but I am thinking they would rewrite that a different way in 2019.

Some are totally kid related, like “Happiness is a Christmas vacation with no book reports to write.” but you can easily slide it into the adult experience that is parallel.

The ones that really ignite me are those that transcend childhood to being an adult, letting you still be the kid, like “Happiness is a stack of old comic books” or “Happiness is catching snowflakes on your tongue.”

But my favorite of all is the one that seems to capture the essence of being a kid, “Happiness is sleeping in the back seat on the way home”. I would be tempted to add, and waking up the next morning snug in your bed.

I expect your list would be different than mine on favorites but I also expect you would still find some joys and truths as well. I will add one of my own to the list, “Happiness is unexpectedly finding a reminder of past joys”.

So here is my ask, what simple thing brings you happiness? And, what can you do to incorporate it into your day more frequently? Oh, and if any Kimberperson wants, the book is yours if you ask, I had to buy it but I want to put it out in the world to bring someone else joy.

Have a happy weekend all, zdr