Ok I got caught off guard…

The calendar is the calendar and while intellectually I know the passage of time is the same yesterday as it is today it still seems to speed up any time there is something to prepare for…um like the holidays???!

I remember being in school and watching some peers hand things in on time or early and being agog at the ability. Maybe it is my Caribbean blood coming through but I have never quite managed the art of being early, unrushed and prepared. My mantra has to be love myself as I am but it doesn’t mean I can’t play with things a bit so I keep trying, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. But I truly believe I have progressed from twenty years ago and that is the important part, right?

One of the things that is rather last minute this year is our annual gingerbread house. I few times we actually got it done in November! This year it happens Saturday. It will still be fun; still be unique and even better if I let go of the should have could have’s floating around in my mind. So funny how you can know things but still not embrace them. I think this is why we have each other no? To love and support one another as we go through life’s trials.

And isn’t that what life is all about (not just the holidays), being there for each other, supporting one another? I know I can’t do it alone and respectfully I don’t think anyone can or should. So, I made a decision.

I want to support you, the part of my tribe that reads through all, comments and questions…because you are one of them if you are still reading. For four readers you will receive the gift of my on-line therapeutic yoga course. How do you claim? Just say you would like it in either a return email to this or use this link to contact me. The first four to respond will get on the list and start receiving links for the course.

So, you are one of the ones that already have my course? Well then you get a private session then. Some qualifiers here though, you need to book before February 28, 2018. That is, it.

Since I like to leave an action item with you my ask is this, support someone that needs it, it doesn’t have to be grand, just something more than usual. Here are some suggestions:

  • Find it in your heart to spend some extra time with the family member you find challenging, do something for them (remember let go of expectations around any thanks).
  • Notice a stranger, help them load groceries or walk across a slippery section of side walk.
  • Make a one dish meal for a busy family you know.
  • Offer up child care to give parents a free afternoon.
  • Listen, seriously just give someone your undivided attention for 10 minutes, hear them, don’t try to fix anything.
  • The next time the kids or grandkids ask for something within your power (and rather innocent) to provide just say yes without qualification. I.e. go play outside for 20 minutes, read them a story, indulge in the extra cookie.
  • Let the other guy, even though you were there first, have the parking spot.

I think you get the idea…

Have a wonderful holiday however you celebrate (or not). Love and support to you and yours, zoë