I read something that really resonated with me the other day and want to share it with you.



Usually your actions have a why behind them, why would you do anything without reason? But sometimes you don’t put a name to the “why” or lack awareness of the “why”. I think this is true for me at times, which is tough to admit.



In my yoga classes I often ask you to set an intention for your practice to dig into why you are there and what you want to accomplish. Without this bigger picture in mind your practice can be uninspiring, aimless and routine. You might even start to question why bother? Even if you continue to “bother” out of a feeling of responsibility or “supposed to, it is good for me” the benefits you might have obtained are so watered down that you begin to question your practice and believe “yoga” isn’t all it is cracked up to be or it isn’t for you.



Oh dear, you would have no idea what you are missing!



Oops, back the start again, what did I read? Verbatim here it is “If one chooses to sing mantra, or meditate, or even go out into nature because they “should” both the act, and motivation to act, carry very little weight. Yet that same action, with presence and intention to honour Self & Spirit, can be deeply life affirming. “. This is from a yogic newsletter put out by Amy Thiessen (You might recognize the name since I often link to her mantras, she is a Calgary based yogi, teacher and performer but has done workshops and gigs in Kimberley).



What got pulled into focus with these words is my intention in ALL I do. Right now, I am writing a blog but my intention is connection with you, providing something of value for you. As I sit to begin the blog I shouldn’t think what do I write, but how do I connect? How can I reach a hand through the digital world to connect and share my experiences, questions and challenges? It is a conversation of friends I hope, with trust and understanding.



That is way different than “what do I write” or I am supposed to write something.



So here is the ask this week (because there always should be some kind of action, otherwise this is just nice words on paper and potentially a waste of time). What are you doing because you should? Then ask yourself WHY??? Why are you doing whatever it is? Go through your day, what might you be engaging in without intention? I think you might be surprised to discover that there might even be a few things that you can’t find an intention …a good idea to drop it from your to do list maybe?



My intention or why in writing you is multilevel. I want to connect to share my journey and I have a deep need to help in areas that I see some struggling in that I feel I get. It feeds my soul to help. Of course, this is my business so, my being connected will hopefully lead to trust enough to step forward to go deeper with some of the things I offer if it fits with your needs.



Hopefully it is pretty obvious what Philosphy of Wellness (POW) this is…awareness. This POW is so present I think it is really the foundation for all others…what do you think? Love to hear from you.



Happy day, zdr