How many of you have caught yourself still writing/thinking 2018? Sometimes I feel like I barely get used to writing down the prior year before the next one sneaks up. Argh….

The tradition around now is to start a resolution, but I say screw it. The whole gig around this feels like we are less than adequate as we are and we need to “tune it up”.  Screw it, seriously.

Who are we (or anyone else for that matter) to say we are less that we “should be”? Each of us is on a personal journey that NO ONE else can possibly compare to.  I do believe that most of us are doing the best we can. And for some of us at times that is a binge watch of a Netflix series that transports us for a while. (guilty)

With the resolution screwed…but maybe a lingering desire for something more, maybe feeling better about something, what is left?

I am setting an intention for the year. Before I reveal my intention I want to ask you what, if you had to set a intention for the WHOLE year, would it be? I recently did a post on intentions so here is a reminder if you like.

What can you possibly choose that in one word or a simple sentence boils down what you think will lay down a map for a more joyful life before you have to remember to write down 2020(crap that is scary!) instead of 2019?

Here are some suggestions on what might help you (since it helped me) sort this out.

Take stock. What in your past are most proud of or gets you excited? What feelings, or actions led to this happening? You might find some clues from your past joys, some things already within you that just need to be remembered and reignited.

The next place to look might be forward…even as far as to your death bed (yuk zoë what you talking bout girl???). What at that time would you feel to be something that would make you smile, feel like you had a life worth living? (kinda obvious we are looking beyond the lose 10lb silliness)

The last place you can look is in the now. What are you struggling with, especially what have you been struggling with for more than a year? What intention would help you move past this, through it or help you live with it?

My one-word intention is focus. Whatever I am doing whatever I decide I want I will repeat the mantra focus, focus, focus. This came primarily from my constant state of overwhelm and inability to get things done. It is a yucky feeling and I don’t want to feel it anymore. I am one, and only one but I can also focus on one thing, cross it off, then focus on the next. It will be work, heck I can lose track of what I am doing if along the way I see something that needs to be put away. I put it away and stand there and do the next thing I see instead of remembering my initial journey. (how many of you say oh that is just age???) But, every time I lose my way, but find it back again, I will congratulate myself, not beat myself up.

I shared my intention and thought process. What is yours? I would love to learn what you have done and what has worked for you. Bottom line though I think above all else is for us to remember we are beautiful beings already, no judgements!

Oh and lastly, of course this is all about the one of the Philosophies of wellness….Awareness.