Time for a yama/niyama post.



If you have no clue of what I am talking about or are new to my blog or want some review here are my previous posts on this topic. The first post especially will let you know what the yamas and niyamas are and help you understand the significance.


The Yama Posts


Ahimsa, Non-Violence

Satya, Truth

Asteya, Non-Stealing

Brahmacharya, Non excess

Aparigraha, Letting go



Bottom line is if you are looking to get unstuck in your life, looking for more joy, more smiles, better flow the yamas and niyamas can offer up a framework that can help you find all that and more. It is a yoga thing…but it doesn’t mean you need to “do” yoga or have any prior experience. My posts are meant as a window into this world that can demonstrate the power of a simple practice.



The yamas (how you relate to the world) are complete. Now we start on the five niyamas (how you relate to yourself). The first one is something called saucha which translated is simply purity.



Like the previous posts, I will just give you tidbit, something to ponder, not the full meal deal.



What do you think of when you think of purity? For me I think of that beautiful first snowfall that covers everything and the world becomes quiet. Unfortunately, the first tire tracks (or ski tracks, wink, wink) kinda jars the vision I have but the truth is this isn’t the whole or real meaning of saucha at all, remember we are talking niyamas, and this means it is all about you not what is outside you.

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Saucha can be translated to both the personal, physical purity but also our attitudes and actions. Take that in for a moment…this doesn’t leave a corner unilluminated anywhere. How many of us can say that even our thoughts are pure? I know I have had to grin and bear it sometimes when my mind is running elsewhere.


Saucha asks us to be present for the moments in our lives, to be with all purely. We have all been in places or in situations that we judge to be distasteful and either ignore, avoid or mask. What would change if we instead were truly present for them all? First thing that comes to mind is a kid avoiding chores. (guilty). Most the time all the time invested in haphazardly pretending to do or dodging easily exceeds what would be required to simply step up to the plate, put mind to the matter and do.



Saucha also eats away at the “glory” of multitasking. Put away the phones and be present with who are with or what you are doing. If you are like me there have been times or experiences that don’t seem like we were even there since your mind was multitasking. What have you missed when you do this? Is that really what you want your life to be, one big I can’t remember? The single point focus lets the best of you shine in whatever you are doing. Putting your best foot forward is a common goal and saucha might help us achieve that more consistently. What relief might you feel when instead of juggling multiple tasks you can lose yourself in just one?



I will leave you with an exercise to discover saucha physically, this is the easiest way to “feel it”. This week choose to nourish your body. Feed it foods without preservatives or processing that are “real” (so easy with summers bounty-heh Kimberley and Canmore’s farmers market is tonight!) and move it on a regular basis, I am talking moving in ways above and beyond daily functionality. Think power walking in the nature park, or anything that makes you breathe a little harder, maybe some stretching into spots that might be tight or creaky. Heh…did you notice how this fits so nicely with my four philosophies of wellness???



Really gun for at least one week of being kind to your body with exercise and food. Then see how you feel…it might surprise you. And if you are brave, respond with your results. Know that your sharing your experience can inspire someone to a life change that can rock their world in a very positive way.



Any questions on this or any other post I would love to hear from you . For public posts try my Facebook Fan page, on the blog comments! Happy day, zdr