I am in awe these days.



As I approach “senior” status -in age not attitude or ability/fitness(heh this is what my business is all about)-remember my fav quote by Mark Twain: “Age is a matter of mind, if you don’t mind it doesn’t matter.” it continually surprises me of the things I am “discovering”. The thing that makes these discoveries really surprising is the fact that they have always been in plain sight, but it is only now that I am “seeing them”.



What am I talking about? Well everything and anything really.



Relationships are a good starting point. How about the importance and value of family and close friends? At this stage in life I have been to that “low” place enough to see just how critical having a support system that has your back is. There really is nothing like it. To have someone you can trust to make choices for you when you can’t function, to have someone that will be there for you even when you do something less wise, to have someone that will forgive those moments when you are an “imperfect human” (we all are), that has a massive WOW factor.



Cultivating these relationships takes time. As a young person you are often given a bit of a free ride, justifiably so I think, we all have to start somewhere. As we age though we, if attentive, can both take part in the providing and receiving of support so that by the time we get to a ripe old age our network is strong and just like the tensegrity models out there, we ourselves are a part of this structure. I love this analogy since it speaks to a big T Truth…this model is also something I believe in for our bodies and how I work with bodies, we are linked!



This WOW comes in with your relationship with your significant other too. You begin to see not just their “imperfections” but your own as well and start to acknowledge our and be okay with both natures all the while supporting each other to become the best person you can be. What an awesome symbiotic relationship…seriously WHOA.


Outside of relationships things I took for granted, or didn’t interest me or never questioned have all moved my curiosity quotient up.   Birds, gardening, wild plants, family history, gratitude, function/how, appreciation of skill the list is really endless. It is fascinating! I remember as a young person thinking that bird watchers were the most seriously boring group of people on the planet…but now, I GET IT! I even GET babies now (most women do from the start I know, I was a little different that way).



I want to know what the plant I pass by hiking is and if it is edible.  I want to know if that funky looking bird I saw is native to the area and I just haven’t noticed it before.  I want to know my fathers, father, father.  I want to know how something is built and how it functions. I really am just blown by all that comes across my path, especially those with skill and wisdom in a pursuit that have been drawn to their whole lives (craftsmen and women).



Inquiring minds just want to know!



If this is aging I am all for it. I have a curiosity and appreciation I never had before.



I am drawing attention to this since I think it is such a positive thing and so many times age is perceived as a negative. This brings me to my ask of my tribe…



What POSITIVE aspect of your being has been improving as your years have accumulated? If you are someone that right away says nothing please think a little harder, I know there is something…more freedom, more time, less diapers the whole picture, what are the perks you are now enjoying?



And if for some reason all you can think of is the aches and pains, fat gain or lack of movement and ability you are plagued with, do drop me a line and we can change that- seriously it is less about age and more about self care.

hugs and happy day, zdr