After I received Fascial Stretch Therapy with Zoë I noticed an immediate improvement in my neck mobility and reduced muscle tension in my shoulders and back. Zoë’s approach is a skilled exploration of discovering and dissolving the root of your physical ailments as she teaches you how to find new ways to move your body with conscious muscle awareness. Zoe is knowledgeable and caring in her pursuit to help you decrease physical pain and dedicates her time to helping you find an improved path to optimum health and healing.

Jewels, Yoga Teacher & Mom, private FST client

You are awesome Zoë, thanks for your advice and lovely words.  I really do believe you are so fantastic at what you do and I know I just am touching the surface of all the beautiful things you do.  After my set back(sic injury outside of class) today I will take it easy…so hard, but I’m listening to the master!  xoxo

Leanne, group yoga student

We both take our stretching (sic Fascial stretch therapy) more seriously and realize how helpful it is in maintaining our bodies as we age. One of the things we like is the stretching (sic Fascial stretch therapy)  Zoë does for us. Zoë works with our bodies to design movements specific to our needs rather than pat static stretches. We both notice that certain movements are much easier and certain parts of our bodies are much more relaxed.

John: Initially when I started I had back pain that often made moving from sitting to standing or standing to laying challenging, this has calmed considerably, enabling me a active lifestyle including golf and skiing bumps

Julie: For me knee issues and a shoulder tightness has been key concerns, after sessions I feel release through the hips and shoulders and have been able to remain active, like John, skiing, swimming, biking and golfing.

We now do our programs on a regular basis but it has been stressed over and over to do what feels best for us on any given day and time of day. Zoë answers our questions promptly and gives us lots of helpful hints.

Julie & John, retired and active couple

…And most of all Zoë…I love WHERE your words, coaching and wisdom come from. You are authentic, strong, sincere, integral, joyful, and insightful. You are part of my world in a very distant way … however still out there … beautiful, lovely and appreciated. Thank you for being you and sharing your gifts Zoë.

Diane, newsletter subscriber to Zeal & Zen

I have enjoyed working with Zoe for the last 3 months. She is a knowledgeable and positive person.  I recently had the opportunity to golf a few times and noticed a big difference in my golf swing —- accuracy as well as strength have improved noticeably. I can only credit this to the strength and therapy program Zoë created for me for which I am very grateful! Thanks Zoë

Audrey, Personal Training client

I am grateful for the time you spent guiding and healing me. I learned a lot and it helped me slow down and listen to my body. You are an amazing teacher and I’m blessed to have worked with you.

Harjit, Group group yoga and private therapeutic yoga client

Thanks for the last few classes!  I find them so much more in-depth and informative than other yoga class (so far) I have attended, including my regular hot yoga.  I had no idea the diaphragm is attached to your muscles there – that totally explains why I hold my breath when trying to find some core control! … just wanted to drop a line to let you know that it’s been so informative in your class, and I’m amazed how every yoga class can be so different yet beneficial in different ways.  I signed up for spring session today …

Carol, group yoga client

Zoë you were a tremendous help to me while I was dealing with a herniated disc in my low back last year. You helped to show me the power the body has to heal from enormous pain and limitation. I learned to move the body within a safe range of motion, from a strong way, and grew the range of motion.  I learned how restful, but supported yoga poses are so healing.  Thank you Zoë!

Deanna, private therapeutic yoga client

Thanks for the presentation yesterday Zoë! Even though I was planning on participating again, it really got me motivated to get back out there! I really liked how you pointed out that since you do it( sic commuting) on either end of your work day (and when you would be sitting in a car commuting anyways) that it actually doesn’t take that much time. I remember that’s exactly what I found last year, it took me about 15min longer to bike than drive (and that was if traffic was good, I know I saved lots of construction traffic headaches as well), but it was so much better than going to the gym after work.

Beth, corporate presentation client

Less IS more’, I found this by exploring my own yoga practise with Zoë and discovering compensating patterns that exacerbated old injuries. I now experience hope and empowerment toward a strong, healthier body, and an opportunity to augment my yoga practice with the personalized foundational guidance from Zoë.

Janet, group yoga student

…you also had an eye on every participant and gave positive feedback to us all, gently guiding us within our own possibilities and potential. Again -facilitation excellence. Well done Zoë! I felt at all times totally safe and absolutely well taken care of and beautifully and gently guided.

Martina, yoga workshop client

happy girl, here. So impressed with FST. Great ‘little’ changes re ‘hip hitch’.  yippeeeeee. I have tried chiro, massage, acupuncture, yoga, hottub, etc and FST is by far to date the best results for me!!!what a delight. Zoë … YOU GOOOOOO GIRL !!!

JM, Fascial Stretch Therapy and Therapeutic Yoga client

Thank-you Coach! I guess I have always found that if you stick with something long enough it pays dividends. My amazing Son Matthew is also a runner. He completed his first half Marathon last year. I still endeavor to create a positive environment for him even at 25 :)) I have taken away so much from the program Coach. You are a great support for success in both health maintenance and philosophy for well being. I mentioned to a friend how much more flow I am having. My end game, as I mentioned before is to finish  hard running. You have helped to facilitate that! My Son will take the torch and is benefiting from the program too. Thank-you Zoë. :) I will recommend you to anyone with the will to move forward with their health. You Rock too, Marty

Marty, Holistic Nutrition Jumpstart Client

With Zoë, I have learned that less is more. That the more you build awareness about small movements the better your body will perform when it comes times for the bigger movements. I appreciate Zoë’s ability to be tuned in to what my movements signify. She has a sixth sense about what my body is doing. In a way, she translates for me, allows my body to speak to me in a way I can’t always understand.

Doreen, group yoga and private therapeutic yoga client

…He took a nap this afternoon and when he woke up he said he couldn’t feel any pain, soreness, or discomfort in his ankle – and this was the first time it had felt ‘normal’ since he’d broken it.

Report from a Fascial stretch therapy Clients friend

“…my weight is slowly dropping, I am very happy with how my clothes are fitting and with the decrease in size of my muffin tops.  That’s great and a big improvement. … I am not hungry. I am so thankful for the awareness that you have brought back to my consciousness.  It is all about choice… I have learnt so much from you during this nutrition program. You have a wonderful gift of being able to teach, to simplify material into understandable portions and to support and encourage always. It was a treasure to find you.”


Diana, Real Food Nutrition and Movement Client, 64 Years young


 “And the beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows!” ― Audrey Hepburn