What is holding you back from your desires? Would you believe that it is likely YOU? The one who says “if only…” or “I can’t.” In your mind, are you defending yourself or stating your excuses? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. If you really want something that you just can’t seem to grasp, you need to make a change.

1. See it/Own it:
Signs that you might be stuck include feeling that someone other than you is holding you back; waiting for the perfect timing; claiming confusion; or putting your dreams aside to focus on other things. These signs may mean you are not taking responsibility for your life and situation. If you’ve said you want to get into a fitness regime and after 10 years it still hasn’t happened, see that this is a problem; then be accountable for it, own it, no excuses.

2. Solve it:
Now that you see the problem, take steps to solve it; get help if you need it. If you want to get into a fitness regime, the expertise of a trainer can help. He or she can keep you accountable and safe, and provide instruction, support, and guidance. If your problem is no time, look for ways to be more efficient and less distracted. Check texts and emails less frequently, turn off the TV, make more than one meal at a time, create a shopping list and go to the store once a week. My favorite time saver is to commute to work on a bike or on foot…it takes a touch longer but I feel better, and instead of getting stressed in traffic, you get your daily exercise. What a great two-for-one deal!

Let go of preconceived notions of what the “solution” has to look like. Arnold Schwarzenegger is considered the greatest body builder in history. In his early years of training he didn’t have the daily 1 to 2-hour chunk of time used by most body builders to train. Mr. Schwarzenegger solved his problem by training for shorter periods, once in the morning and once in the evening. This unique approach actually worked in his favor: he made greater gains more quickly than his competitors! This type of training is now an accepted technique among athletes.

3. Do it:
Take action. You have to make the change; you have to do the work. To maintain accountability, find a trustworthy success partner that you can be accountable to. The first step is often the hardest and once you are going, it’s easier to keep going. Think of trying to push a stalled car. Once you get it going it‘s easier to keep it going…and often hard to stop!

What if your well thought-out solution doesn’t work? This is not failure – just another problem that needs solving. Rethink the solution with lessons learned from your first try. In 1992, Canadian Hall of Fame rower Silken Laumenn was the favourite to win an Olympic gold medal in the single scull. Seventy-eight days before the Olympics, she broke her lower right leg and the muscles were ripped from the bone in a rowing accident. She saw the problem (ok that one wasn’t hard to see), owned it (no finger pointing) and solved it by changing her course of action from training to healing and recovery. She won a bronze medal at the Barcelona Summer Olympics.

You have the power to change your situation and attain your goals. See the problem; be accountable for it (no one but you can be); solve the problem (get help where you need it); and lastly, take action. Think of a dog with a bone that doesn’t let go. If not today, when?

“We all get in our own way and have stuff to overcome. In the end, all that separates us from our dreams is awareness, action and perseverance.”

These are wise words from a peer of mine. She has successfully developed a private therapeutic yoga business out of her dining room all the while being a part-time group fitness leader AND mother to 4 small children.

I would love to hear of your successes. Who has the courage to step up and achieve their desires?