When everything is working well and working AS IT WAS DESIGNED the human body’s function is at its optimum efficiency. You are stronger, more mobile and can go through your daily activities with ease. This is a lovely place to be, but usually isn’t where most people live.

Life happens, we get injured, and we push our limits or conversely stop moving and get stiff. When this happens sometimes our body will start to function in “getter done “mode not operating according to design, recruiting muscles and means to accomplish the task that aren’t meant for that purpose. Sometimes this is necessary. Think of injuring your leg hiking and hobbling to the trail head to get out of the bush or sitting for a marathon session to get some work done with a deadline.

The problem comes in when these temporary situations end up being for long periods of time or the status quo, like always spending too much time stationary or an extended time with a cast on your foot. Then, the body lays down new neural pathways thinking that this is the way you always need to operate.

Eventually the body’s band aid approach to “getter done” will back fire, you will overload the muscles/systems you are asking to do extra work, work they aren’t designed for. Think of being recruited at work to fill in for someone that quit on top of your regular duties, especially someone those skills are different than yours. You might have success for a while but the quality and quantity of work you do will decline and eventually you will burn out.

In our bodies the “getter done” can result in ongoing stiffness, reduced range of motion, lack of efficiency (i.e. having to recruit more energy/effort to do things) and at the extreme end an acute or chronic injury.
What is needed is to do is re-educate the body on how to move as efficiently as it can again, using the muscles and systems designed for the task at hand. This is where Zeal & Zen’s movement classes come in. You will be surprised at how small and specific the movements are. In many cases you might feel like you are doing nothing…this couldn’t be further from the truth. This re-education of the body’s movements is different than anything else you have tried and produces dramatic results when done consistently. You are training your body how to move in the smallest ways all over again making sure no “getter-done” is happening. Once the neural pathways have been re-laid you will have more mobility, more strength, less pain/stiffness and ease in daily tasks you never thought possible.

The light bulbs seem to go on with my clients when they feel it. Movement does become EASY, the body is light; you get taller….all from something that seems that you are doing nothing by comparison to traditional terms (“working out”…breathing hard, feeling the burn). In the sessions movements are small, specific and foundational. Only when this is solid do I move to more complex movements…what people would recognize as traditional yoga or physical training. Even then the movements or postures are often variations of what they might know.

It has been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Step out of the box and give this new modality a try to discover what may just be a lifetime practice keeping you mobile and active long after you thought possible.

Contact Zeal & Zen to learn of Movement classes in Kimberley BC and Calgary AB as well as upcoming on line programs that come to you where ever you are. It is never too late to start feeling better and moving better.